Everyone knows that prevention is the best medicine is… and it’s always easier to get into shape before it’s too late or injury occurs. Pilates is a particularly pleasant way to get the ball rolling as it is geared towards working within your own range and can be rather soft in the begin phase. At KaMotion we hope to provide a pleasant and enjoyable workout for all people at every level of fitness.

Injuries due to poor posture, poor moving techniques, or poor lifting techniques can all be avoided by learning the The Laurie Brown Method. Strengthening the core muscles also helps to prevent injury as the deep inner muscles support the spine and other joints and aid greatly in better posture and natural movement. Pilates enhances muscle flexibility, endurance and strength for a firm and fit physique.

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[su_pullquote align=”right”]Invest in Yourself… Invest in Your Health![/su_pullquote]First and foremost we want you to train properly and learn how your body functions best. Once you’ve become familiar with working organically (the most natural way possible) you will excell and all your other daily activities will support optimal movement with more energy, precision and control and also less wear and tear!

Prevention can also save you time and money by relieving symptoms and pain that may eventually become chronic and hinder you in your life and /or work situation. Discover the pitfalls that might be hurting you and learn to function in an optimal manner!!

Meet Barry…

[su_shadow inline=”yes”][su_panel]Barry used to be in good shape. He was on the school soccer team and enjoyed lifting weights. After graduation, getting a job and starting a family Barry found less and less time for these activities and gradually started to gain weight. Now that Barry is entering his mid life he’s not so happy about his expanding waist and noticing his condition is pretty darned bad. The extra weight also puts pressure on his back and knees so running or training doesn’t come easily. Luckily Barry saw that Pilates is not only for women and decided to “try something” to get himself back into shape. Barry wasn’t about to be in a class with all ladies and he really liked the convenience of planning his workouts to suit his schedule so he booked a series of private session that he knew he had to commit to. Boy was he happy when in very little time he felt more energized and in control and no more aches and pains to stop him. By working more organically he was able to jog again and even took up tennis which lost him 12 kilos already! He swears Pilates changed his life and plans to keep training weekly![/su_panel][/su_shadow]