Private training

Private training

Private Pilates Training sessions are pure luxury! It’s the perfect solution for the busy executive or anyone with a varied schedule!  Working efficiently saves you time and money!

It could also be pure necessity! Recovering from sickness, injury or operation requires qualified supervision and a well-trained instructor. Pilates works slowly with precision -a great way to get well and strong fast!

Pilates privates on Pilates Resistance Apparatus offers an even more powerful and effective training that suits your requirements and gets maximal results fast! If you want 100% attention to your body and your needs, this is the class for you!  To schedule a FREE demonstration just text or call Katja 0611173713

“Come feel the strength of intelligent movement!”

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All trainings are supervized by an experienced and Certified Pilates instructor to insure safety. All Private sessions can be booked as single or doubles. 

Too busy to come to the studio? For a small fee -Personal Pilates Training can come to your home of office! Ask Katja for details. 

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