How it works…

How it Works…

Most students at KaMotion simply sign up for a year, or take 3 sessions of 12 weeks.

A regular time slot has proved to be the best and most effective way of getting the highest results for mind and body. Missed classes can be made up. *   Being a part of a group and getting specific personal attention gives a feeling of satisfaction, improvement and motivation. Come Join Us!

Trimester 1: 19 sept. – 16 dec. 2016

No previous Pilates training? No problem:

At KaMotion we offer an Introductory package of 5 private lessons (one on one) to learn the Basic Fundamentals of the Pilates Method. This also allows for better insight to one’s own body: structure, strengths and weaknesses, helps to understand the technique & terminology, as well as building a good rapport with Katja – this allows new students to so that you enter classes feeling strong and confident and insures that everyone gets the customized instruction thereafter. This is highly recommended for people with specific problems, returning from injury, pre- and post -natal, or just want 100% attention for themselves!!

The second way to enter classes safely is to join one of our Intro Courses given twice during a trimester. This small group class * offers 5 lessons and 1 private session for half the price of privates. After this course one may enter the  regular classes with either a full semester or half* trimester subscription.

Intro Course Na -Zomer : 23 august – 13 sept.

Whether its group or private classes, taking away pain or just becoming seriously strong- it’s about having fun while you train and getting, seeing and feeling results!!