Studio Ka-Motion

Katja Winzeler started the studio in 2010 to have an exquisite and exclusive space to feel good in and pamper her clients with quality, experience and luxury. She wants to share the amazing Pilates Method that is finally becoming recognized in Holland for it’s transformational benefits. Katja is a fully qualified dance teacher & choreographer, expert in movement and anatomy as well as an experienced and certified Pilates instructor. No matter what your age or physical condition, we want to offer you a class suited to your needs and level. Our aim is to bring the power, knowledge and joy of Pilates and all it’s benefits to you in a fun and safe environment. Pilates is the perfect tool for a strong body & mind . Class size is limited to no more than 10 students, which affords plenty of personal attention and correct execution of the exercises.

This is NOT like the sports or a dance school- I only take on a handful of students purposely- so that I can know, train and touch the lives of each and every student.

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