Is it Worth it?

business organizationI don’t buy my clothes at the market anymore…when I first moved to Holland I was young, a dancer (a starving artist!!) and I loved the saturday market and the Waterlooplein for cool and kooky outfits for a really really reasonable price. But of course fashion changed frequently those days and Amsterdam was always a ” little grungy” or ” relaxed” as they call it!

I remember how nervous I was when I bought my first pair of trousers from a fancy little boutique  for 200 guilders!! That was a lot of money- and to this day I still head to the sales rack first! But those pants lasted at least a whole decade- never fading, keeping their shape, fit and perfect seams down the front until the very end! So really, that cost me 20 bucks a year when you look at it…and that was certainly worth it!

Now obviously people put their money in different places for different reasons and results but we all want good value and ” getting your money’s worth” is important.

I do buy healthy fresh food, which is more costly, but I value good nourishment and I feel better when I eat right.  massage copyI treat myself to a fabulous massage from beautiful, experienced Hungarian ladies at Massage Sense

I travel “all the way” to Den Haag and pay extra for train fair because it’s important for my body & health and feels so great! I could go to a cheaper local therapist but these girls are so intuitive and go straight to the ” knelpunten” that I feel fresh and revitalized for days, even weeks afterwards! Worth every penny.

Clearly, my body and my health is very important to me. To be able to still do what I love to do-teach, dance, jump around- without aches and pains, feeling strong, supple and self-confident, moving with grace, ease and energy … it’s fantastic!!

And I couldn’t have done this hadn’t Pilates come into my life!

Now that I get to share this with others- I am truly blessed! So grateful to have been able to make my little studio a warm, friendly and fun place to make training pleasurable and give serious personal attention to everyone individually within a small group setting or private sessions.

I didn’t want the sports school ” one-size-fits-all” formula anymore.  I want to offer something more, something better, something special! With all my experience and know how, I want to bring a higher level of personal education, mental and physical awareness that teaches people how to function optimally in their own bodies for maximum pleasure and results! I give my heart and soul to every person who walks through my door.

Therefore, I only work with clients that are ready and willing to commit to themselves, their lives and their future. My classes are in-depth (not monkey-see-monkey-do) re-programming for better functioning, no pain, stress-free lives. I don’t have mass ” doe maar wat” mentality, never did, and I genuinely care about my people! My goal is to make learning and training fun, safe and obtainable. The classes are cumulative and I constantly set and reach for higher goals to stimulate growing and achieving your personal best.

Yes, it’s a little bit more expensive, but you get more, learn more and achieve more.

As everyone, my time and money is precious and I am choosey who I entrust with my well-being.  I don’t put my faith or body into just anyone’s hands.  But when it’s safe and when it’s good, I feel that. I trust that. I like that. And it’s worth every penny.