A joyful and pain-free existence!

More and more people are coming to me with any myriad of aches and pains and miseries! The number one problem in society today seems to be lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders from computer work and sedentary desk jobs.  It’s just not right!

We eat, play, work and live better than ever- why are so many people walking around in pain?! Unergonomic workplaces and in-active life style certainly brings it’s fair share of problems, but stress and uncertainty acerbates it all, leaving people drained, moody, fatigues and achey.

Where’s the joy? Studio Ka-Motion_BRP1268-bewerkt_optimized

It’s a shame and it shouldn’t have to be that way! And it doesn’t. The human body is a remarkable thing and truly capable of healing, correcting and re-generating.  If only you know how…

I’ve seen literally hundreds of people re-bound and recover from operations and serious injuries to burn-out and other stress- related sicknesses.  Through Pilates & Positivity I’ve helped people walk again, sail again, work again, love and live again! No lie. This stuff is good.

The more I work with the Pilates, the more I learn and the more I can give and the more it keeps amazing me what people can do  when they set their minds to it and get some technique and support!

I honestly don’t believe we are meant to live in pain.  I honestly believe that much of our pain can be alleviated by proper posture and organic (more natural) movement. It’s just a question of “re-programming” the way we move with a little bit of guidance and knowledge and practice.

I love teaching that to people, giving them the power to function freely with grace and ease and no more pain! Imagine how good your life would be if you had the freedom and ability to do all the things you love to do…

How happy would you be to live your life pain- free?

Wait no longer.  If you are suffering then choose to suffer no more. Try the 5 Private Intro Course to re-align your body, reduce stress and strain, build awareness, tone muscles and learn t move in a manner that is elegant and effortless! If this is the future you envision for yourself don’t hesitate and act directly.

It’s been great to be able to help so many others, is it time to let me help you? Money back guarantee. Call me 0611173713- Stop the pain now.