Tip of the Month

The Holidays are a great time of the year with friends, family, food and fun… but it can also be stressful and demanding.  It’s easy to get overloaded and not have the time to slip away to walk in nature or soak in a nice hot tub of scented bubbles… so try my 3 minute re-focus exercise: Either standing or against the wall for support (balance or weak back issues) do the rolling down and rolling up exercise, but add the new dimension of doing it as SLOWLY as humanly possible, but WITHOUT stopping! This creates an oppositional force the really focuses the brain and slows it down.  Also, focus on FEELING where the stretch is taking place and traveling to.  Keep breathing steadily and enjoy the release this can give your whole body! After doing this about 3 times (5 min.) you should feel refreshed and refocused and ready to get back to all the activities.  This also works well at work!

Wishing you all a very Fulfilling and Heart-warming Year!


Mini Intro Course starts Wed. 8 March 2017!!

Some people find the 5 Intro Private Package a bit pricey and a little intimidating… if you prefer to learn the basics of Pilates, get a better knowledge of your own body, discover pitfalls that may be causing you pain and tune in to your very personal needs… why not join the Mini Intro Course?
Cheerful adult women doing stretching exercises on Pilates class.

Wed. 10:00 March 8 – April 5 ,2017*

A great way to find out if Pilates truly can improve your health and happiness…


Just text or call Katja 0611173713 for more information and come feel the strength of intelligent movement!!



Start Your New Year’s Resolution BEFORE the Holidays!

Celebrating new yearOver eating, over drinking, too many sweets and fatty noshes are a common occurrence during the Christmas season. We feel bloated and fat and somewhat guilty- a perfect situation for professing loudly “I’m going to get it together, start eating right and moving more in the new year!” But… perhaps there might be somewhat less damage if you were to initiate your good intentions BEFORE the holidays begin! At Empower Pilates the second semester begins two weeks before the x-mas break.

This could be the first step in caring for yourself and honing the awareness it sometimes takes to not mindlessly fall prey to the  “seductions of the season”! It’s been proven, that when you make up your mind and take ACTION, like signing up for classes, you are clearly making a mental and financial commitment to yourself to activate change. This in itself it great and it actually super charges you to think and behave in ways that support your goals as opposed to secretly sabotaging them!! By making the decision to live, move and eat healthier -you’re already ahead of the game! Then all your actions should align with your desires. I’m not guaranteeing that you won’t indulge a bit here and there, I’lm sure I’ll over-do it a smudge too, but maybe it can help you not go “hog wild” and not have to feel overstuffed after the meal or hung over the next day!

I truly believe in the Power of Intention…what are you dreams and goals for 2015? Is a firm body with high energy and super self-confidence part of that picture? Is a fun and fullfilling and balanced lifestyle what you crave? Sounds like Pilates could play an important role in that future. I’m curious to see if people who signed up for “good health and happy habits” will strengthen their resolve… are you curious to try? Sign up today http://empowerpilates.nl/check-it-out/ for your FREE tele-intake  to see if Pilates can help you achieve your goals too.  Limited space, so act fast.

I’m looking forward to a fun-filled yet balanced Holiday with laughter and yummies and a couple glasses of bubbly to boot!  Wishing you the same!