Variety is the spice of a healthy life

Most people know or have heard about cross training and how good it is for you.  Obviously, just as in a healthy diet, variety is not only yummy, but healthy too. Clearly the biggest advantage is that one sport may focus on certain muscle groups and another sport uses other muscles, giving you a more well-rounded total body training.

[su_frame]swimming[/su_frame]Also, there could be different ” intentions” for different sports or ways of doing a sport. For example, you could jog for many good reasons: It’s a fabulous way to clear your head and be in nature.  You might be looking to burn fat and excess calories or working at a high level to improve your cardio vascular system…

Aside from keeping it refreshed and interesting, changing the way you workout makes it more effect for your body.  The human body is pretty clever and acclimates pretty quickly. By changing the moves, the muscles used in different ways and at different intensity level, keeps the juices flowing.

I love “mixing it up” in my Pilates classes, adding things from Jazz or Modern dance, yoga positions, thai chi moves and down home fitness exercises! I also love the way Pilates is multi-faceted and addresses different intentions during a class such as core strengthening, muscle toning, awareness building and stress reduction! But I DO encourage my peeps to go out and do other things as well.

[su_frame]webpic_0277870[/su_frame]Most of the people at Studio KaMotion enjoy other activities as well, including dancing, biking, skiing swimming, jogging, golf, tennis and even horse back riding.  The nice thing is the Pilates training, while great in itself, really supports the other sports as well. Creating stability for more control and better balance, increasing range of motion for a more powerful and faster swing, good relaxation and focus for better aim or shots are just some of the benefits. I myself was so happy that working with the Pilates Apparatus fixed my pelvic instability enough for me to start jogging again!!

The bottom line is, we want to be healthy, full of vitality and do all the things we’d like to do- easily and pain- free!  A healthy eating plan, plenty of good sleep, less stress and an active lifestyle affords for that.  And of course, find something fun that feels great and gives you satisfaction!!




Building Health Habits

” They say” it take 12-14 weeks of repetitive practice to turn something into a habit… I can’t verify that for sure, but I do know that students that signed up for a 12 week course and committed to coming asbest as possible- got the most out of their class, saw the best results and now claim that it’s simply a part of their life with no questions asked…a non-negotiable.

Sure, most people say that doing a class is always pleasurable and theywere glad they came.  Then why is it so hard to get from A to B and get your butt to class? I myself (who LOVES training) often have a hard time getting geared up! I do believe that aligning with your desires and what you want to achieve can help you keep focused and motivated.  That’s why this year I’m offering a personal in-take session to all my students so we can clearly identify the objectives, results and challenges every individual has, so that everyone who trains with me gets a custom -made workout in all their classes, every time! That’s the beauty of ” personal training in a small group setting”.Cheerful adult women doing stretching exercises on Pilates class.

I am also happy to set up an accountability buddy for those who feel they are more inclined to “commit” to someone else more than themselves! I also think habits or rituals need to be scheduled at the proper times in your busy lives.  Some people are most successful when they come straight from work to take their classes and don’t allow themselves to fall into the lull of eating dinner or dropping in front of the television.  Some people feel that they have more energy and “start their day right” by training first thing in the morning! It’s personal and very important to find the formula that works best for you!

Lastly, by the mere fact that you sign up and pay for your 12, 24 or 36 class subscription sort of seals the deal on your commitment to yourself for better health, a stronger physique, a calmer mind and a general desire for a higher quality of life. A lot of my clients admit that the financial investment they have made is a strong motivator in keeping them disciplined – especially when it gets cold and rainy!  It’s not easy in this day and age with so many responsibilities and opportunities available almost 24/7  …distraction is at every turn …but I have seen the results and I do commend the ones willing to take the step, carve out a little haven for themselves 1 – 2 hours a week  to build the habits to support and maintain the pursuit of their happiness.