5 Class Intro Course available!

Usually joining KaMotion classes requires a 5 Class Intro Course of Private lessons to truly get to know your body, establish your strengths & weaknesses and develop a game plan to successfully reach your desired goals for 250 euros…

During the summer I offered a similar deal in a small(er) group setting for half price !! Studio Ka-Motion_BRP0667-bewerkt_optimized

Since this worked so well I wish to extend the offer into other times during the year

Next Intro Course : Wed. March 8 10:00 – April 5 , 2017

Contact Katja at info@ka-motion.nl or call daytime on 06-11173713 for more information.

Nourish and Re-new Yourself!

Running around from here to there, running a business, running a household and running the kids to soccer practice and ballet! We seem to be running a lot these days… and it’s really quite exhausting.WorkLife_feature2-1

One of the biggest complaints I get from my customers is ” I’m always so darned tired!” People are drained, running on ” empty” and running after themselves but never quite catching up.

I don’t know when we all got so busy.  24/7 and we’re ON all the time. When’s the last time you sat down with a good book, cup of hot chocolate or took a nice bath, scented with candles on? How about a massage or even a stroll through nature- guilt free?

I honestly think it’s these little pockets of pleasure that feed and re-energize us. But we tend to push them away, leave that (and ourselves)  for last, as we push through our daily duties and responsibilities.

“Oh yeah, I must get around to it” a well-versed phrase…

And we go on… persevere, tough, stoic..

And one day we break.  Physically, mentally or both.

Joints squeak, muscles strain and heads ache.  And it’s all downhill from there. All tasks become drudgery, life is tedious “moeten moeten” instead of joyful!

One of the things I loooove about being able to teach (still!!) Pilates is giving people “the permission” to relax, breathe, feel … and nourish themselves (mind & body) for 1-2 hours a week.

My people have a found a certain source of vitality with roundedness by blocking off and respecting their quality time. With the on-going barrage of our hectic lives it’s almost an oasis to be able to legitimately pull out of the noise and chaos and come be with yourself for an hour of fun, empowerment and “you time”.

The clients here look forward to their “Pilates” (or Jazz) night and always leave refreshed, calm yet vitalized and happy. Some have told me “it saves them… it re-news them” and they can go back to take on the challenges and responsibilities with vigor and more clarity.  How cool is that?

If you think you’d like to spend some time renewing, why not contact Katja on 0611173713 to see if Pilates can make a change for you and your life too! Come yummify yourself!!

A joyful and pain-free existence!

More and more people are coming to me with any myriad of aches and pains and miseries! The number one problem in society today seems to be lower back pain, stiff neck and shoulders from computer work and sedentary desk jobs.  It’s just not right!

We eat, play, work and live better than ever- why are so many people walking around in pain?! Unergonomic workplaces and in-active life style certainly brings it’s fair share of problems, but stress and uncertainty acerbates it all, leaving people drained, moody, fatigues and achey.

Where’s the joy? Studio Ka-Motion_BRP1268-bewerkt_optimized

It’s a shame and it shouldn’t have to be that way! And it doesn’t. The human body is a remarkable thing and truly capable of healing, correcting and re-generating.  If only you know how…

I’ve seen literally hundreds of people re-bound and recover from operations and serious injuries to burn-out and other stress- related sicknesses.  Through Pilates & Positivity I’ve helped people walk again, sail again, work again, love and live again! No lie. This stuff is good.

The more I work with the Pilates, the more I learn and the more I can give and the more it keeps amazing me what people can do  when they set their minds to it and get some technique and support!

I honestly don’t believe we are meant to live in pain.  I honestly believe that much of our pain can be alleviated by proper posture and organic (more natural) movement. It’s just a question of “re-programming” the way we move with a little bit of guidance and knowledge and practice.

I love teaching that to people, giving them the power to function freely with grace and ease and no more pain! Imagine how good your life would be if you had the freedom and ability to do all the things you love to do…

How happy would you be to live your life pain- free?

Wait no longer.  If you are suffering then choose to suffer no more. Try the 5 Private Intro Course to re-align your body, reduce stress and strain, build awareness, tone muscles and learn t move in a manner that is elegant and effortless! If this is the future you envision for yourself don’t hesitate and act directly.

It’s been great to be able to help so many others, is it time to let me help you? Money back guarantee. Call me 0611173713- Stop the pain now.



Tip of the Month

The Holidays are a great time of the year with friends, family, food and fun… but it can also be stressful and demanding.  It’s easy to get overloaded and not have the time to slip away to walk in nature or soak in a nice hot tub of scented bubbles… so try my 3 minute re-focus exercise: Either standing or against the wall for support (balance or weak back issues) do the rolling down and rolling up exercise, but add the new dimension of doing it as SLOWLY as humanly possible, but WITHOUT stopping! This creates an oppositional force the really focuses the brain and slows it down.  Also, focus on FEELING where the stretch is taking place and traveling to.  Keep breathing steadily and enjoy the release this can give your whole body! After doing this about 3 times (5 min.) you should feel refreshed and refocused and ready to get back to all the activities.  This also works well at work!

Wishing you all a very Fulfilling and Heart-warming Year!


Mini Intro Course starts Wed. 8 March 2017!!

Some people find the 5 Intro Private Package a bit pricey and a little intimidating… if you prefer to learn the basics of Pilates, get a better knowledge of your own body, discover pitfalls that may be causing you pain and tune in to your very personal needs… why not join the Mini Intro Course?
Cheerful adult women doing stretching exercises on Pilates class.

Wed. 10:00 March 8 – April 5 ,2017*

A great way to find out if Pilates truly can improve your health and happiness…


Just text or call Katja 0611173713 for more information and come feel the strength of intelligent movement!!



Start Your New Year’s Resolution BEFORE the Holidays!

Celebrating new yearOver eating, over drinking, too many sweets and fatty noshes are a common occurrence during the Christmas season. We feel bloated and fat and somewhat guilty- a perfect situation for professing loudly “I’m going to get it together, start eating right and moving more in the new year!” But… perhaps there might be somewhat less damage if you were to initiate your good intentions BEFORE the holidays begin! At Empower Pilates the second semester begins two weeks before the x-mas break.

This could be the first step in caring for yourself and honing the awareness it sometimes takes to not mindlessly fall prey to the  “seductions of the season”! It’s been proven, that when you make up your mind and take ACTION, like signing up for classes, you are clearly making a mental and financial commitment to yourself to activate change. This in itself it great and it actually super charges you to think and behave in ways that support your goals as opposed to secretly sabotaging them!! By making the decision to live, move and eat healthier -you’re already ahead of the game! Then all your actions should align with your desires. I’m not guaranteeing that you won’t indulge a bit here and there, I’lm sure I’ll over-do it a smudge too, but maybe it can help you not go “hog wild” and not have to feel overstuffed after the meal or hung over the next day!

I truly believe in the Power of Intention…what are you dreams and goals for 2015? Is a firm body with high energy and super self-confidence part of that picture? Is a fun and fullfilling and balanced lifestyle what you crave? Sounds like Pilates could play an important role in that future. I’m curious to see if people who signed up for “good health and happy habits” will strengthen their resolve… are you curious to try? Sign up today http://empowerpilates.nl/check-it-out/ for your FREE tele-intake  to see if Pilates can help you achieve your goals too.  Limited space, so act fast.

I’m looking forward to a fun-filled yet balanced Holiday with laughter and yummies and a couple glasses of bubbly to boot!  Wishing you the same!

Here Comes the Rain Again…!

Well, last week my partner informed me that summer was officially over… and when I looked out my window this morning I clearly knew it was true!! Grey, rain and brrrrrr cold.  Yuck. I WISH I really WISH I wasn’t so sensitive to the weather… but I am. When it’s sunny and warm I practically jump out of bed to greet the day, but when the dark dreary days begin I’d just rather crawl under the blankets and stay in safe down-covered cave!rain_raindrop_interferencerain_raindrop_interference

But, as for most of us, that’s not an option.  So, how do I get my carcass up and at it with a spring in my step and a smile on my face?  Music. I stagger to the kitchen, turn on the kettle and proceed to the living room stereo.  With any luck or forethought I’ve got one of my favorite CDs set and ready to go.  Punch the play button and joyous noise starts to fill the room.  Jazz is of course my favorite but can often be ” a bit too much” first thing in the morning. I’m kind of old school in the sense that 80’s favorites still bring back great memories and to me Simply Red’s deep voice or Prince’s funky bass lines really do touch my soul.  I admire and attempt to sing along with Annie Lennox, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, unsuccessfully mind you. But none the less…

And to tell you my deep down dirty little secret- it’s musicals that really do it for me! Shhhh. I can’t help it, it’s what I grew up with. And of course as a young dancer, I must have seen Fame at least 18 times at the movietheater as well as Hair and Cabaret and Footloose!  So now we’re in the realm of not just crooning along but we’re jumping and gyrating around the living room! Inevidebly my husband will come in just in time to catch me doing my best Kevin Bacon kick step or lounging over the sofa as Liza Minnelli or worse yet, busting eardrums with verses of ” Aquuuuarrriuuuus!!” so I blush, erect myself from whatever uncompromising position I had gotten into and coyly go make some coffee and tea.

But there is a little smirk on my face and a spring in my step… ready to greet the rest of the day.

What is your trick to brighten your days or spirit?  Share it with me/ us !!





Is it Worth it?

business organizationI don’t buy my clothes at the market anymore…when I first moved to Holland I was young, a dancer (a starving artist!!) and I loved the saturday market and the Waterlooplein for cool and kooky outfits for a really really reasonable price. But of course fashion changed frequently those days and Amsterdam was always a ” little grungy” or ” relaxed” as they call it!

I remember how nervous I was when I bought my first pair of trousers from a fancy little boutique  for 200 guilders!! That was a lot of money- and to this day I still head to the sales rack first! But those pants lasted at least a whole decade- never fading, keeping their shape, fit and perfect seams down the front until the very end! So really, that cost me 20 bucks a year when you look at it…and that was certainly worth it!

Now obviously people put their money in different places for different reasons and results but we all want good value and ” getting your money’s worth” is important.

I do buy healthy fresh food, which is more costly, but I value good nourishment and I feel better when I eat right.  massage copyI treat myself to a fabulous massage from beautiful, experienced Hungarian ladies at Massage Sense

I travel “all the way” to Den Haag and pay extra for train fair because it’s important for my body & health and feels so great! I could go to a cheaper local therapist but these girls are so intuitive and go straight to the ” knelpunten” that I feel fresh and revitalized for days, even weeks afterwards! Worth every penny.

Clearly, my body and my health is very important to me. To be able to still do what I love to do-teach, dance, jump around- without aches and pains, feeling strong, supple and self-confident, moving with grace, ease and energy … it’s fantastic!!

And I couldn’t have done this hadn’t Pilates come into my life!

Now that I get to share this with others- I am truly blessed! So grateful to have been able to make my little studio a warm, friendly and fun place to make training pleasurable and give serious personal attention to everyone individually within a small group setting or private sessions.

I didn’t want the sports school ” one-size-fits-all” formula anymore.  I want to offer something more, something better, something special! With all my experience and know how, I want to bring a higher level of personal education, mental and physical awareness that teaches people how to function optimally in their own bodies for maximum pleasure and results! I give my heart and soul to every person who walks through my door.

Therefore, I only work with clients that are ready and willing to commit to themselves, their lives and their future. My classes are in-depth (not monkey-see-monkey-do) re-programming for better functioning, no pain, stress-free lives. I don’t have mass ” doe maar wat” mentality, never did, and I genuinely care about my people! My goal is to make learning and training fun, safe and obtainable. The classes are cumulative and I constantly set and reach for higher goals to stimulate growing and achieving your personal best.

Yes, it’s a little bit more expensive, but you get more, learn more and achieve more.

As everyone, my time and money is precious and I am choosey who I entrust with my well-being.  I don’t put my faith or body into just anyone’s hands.  But when it’s safe and when it’s good, I feel that. I trust that. I like that. And it’s worth every penny.


Variety is the spice of a healthy life

Most people know or have heard about cross training and how good it is for you.  Obviously, just as in a healthy diet, variety is not only yummy, but healthy too. Clearly the biggest advantage is that one sport may focus on certain muscle groups and another sport uses other muscles, giving you a more well-rounded total body training.

[su_frame]swimming[/su_frame]Also, there could be different ” intentions” for different sports or ways of doing a sport. For example, you could jog for many good reasons: It’s a fabulous way to clear your head and be in nature.  You might be looking to burn fat and excess calories or working at a high level to improve your cardio vascular system…

Aside from keeping it refreshed and interesting, changing the way you workout makes it more effect for your body.  The human body is pretty clever and acclimates pretty quickly. By changing the moves, the muscles used in different ways and at different intensity level, keeps the juices flowing.

I love “mixing it up” in my Pilates classes, adding things from Jazz or Modern dance, yoga positions, thai chi moves and down home fitness exercises! I also love the way Pilates is multi-faceted and addresses different intentions during a class such as core strengthening, muscle toning, awareness building and stress reduction! But I DO encourage my peeps to go out and do other things as well.

[su_frame]webpic_0277870[/su_frame]Most of the people at Studio KaMotion enjoy other activities as well, including dancing, biking, skiing swimming, jogging, golf, tennis and even horse back riding.  The nice thing is the Pilates training, while great in itself, really supports the other sports as well. Creating stability for more control and better balance, increasing range of motion for a more powerful and faster swing, good relaxation and focus for better aim or shots are just some of the benefits. I myself was so happy that working with the Pilates Apparatus fixed my pelvic instability enough for me to start jogging again!!

The bottom line is, we want to be healthy, full of vitality and do all the things we’d like to do- easily and pain- free!  A healthy eating plan, plenty of good sleep, less stress and an active lifestyle affords for that.  And of course, find something fun that feels great and gives you satisfaction!!




Building Health Habits

” They say” it take 12-14 weeks of repetitive practice to turn something into a habit… I can’t verify that for sure, but I do know that students that signed up for a 12 week course and committed to coming asbest as possible- got the most out of their class, saw the best results and now claim that it’s simply a part of their life with no questions asked…a non-negotiable.

Sure, most people say that doing a class is always pleasurable and theywere glad they came.  Then why is it so hard to get from A to B and get your butt to class? I myself (who LOVES training) often have a hard time getting geared up! I do believe that aligning with your desires and what you want to achieve can help you keep focused and motivated.  That’s why this year I’m offering a personal in-take session to all my students so we can clearly identify the objectives, results and challenges every individual has, so that everyone who trains with me gets a custom -made workout in all their classes, every time! That’s the beauty of ” personal training in a small group setting”.Cheerful adult women doing stretching exercises on Pilates class.

I am also happy to set up an accountability buddy for those who feel they are more inclined to “commit” to someone else more than themselves! I also think habits or rituals need to be scheduled at the proper times in your busy lives.  Some people are most successful when they come straight from work to take their classes and don’t allow themselves to fall into the lull of eating dinner or dropping in front of the television.  Some people feel that they have more energy and “start their day right” by training first thing in the morning! It’s personal and very important to find the formula that works best for you!

Lastly, by the mere fact that you sign up and pay for your 12, 24 or 36 class subscription sort of seals the deal on your commitment to yourself for better health, a stronger physique, a calmer mind and a general desire for a higher quality of life. A lot of my clients admit that the financial investment they have made is a strong motivator in keeping them disciplined – especially when it gets cold and rainy!  It’s not easy in this day and age with so many responsibilities and opportunities available almost 24/7  …distraction is at every turn …but I have seen the results and I do commend the ones willing to take the step, carve out a little haven for themselves 1 – 2 hours a week  to build the habits to support and maintain the pursuit of their happiness.